Sunday, May 16, 2010

Last Day On The Force!

This was a short lived positive straight edge, vegan, political hardcore punk band I was in, named after a Lethal Weapon 3 reference. It was so sloppy, but really fun. Other members were Eric the Red, Ian, Q, Cliff (!), and Deanna. 2 vocalists made for even more ridiculousness. We played a handful of shows in Pittsburgh and even played the mighty Woodcock Township Building in beautiful Meadville, Pa. We made a 7 song demo that I recorded using a 4 track one afternoon at the Mr. Roboto Project. We probably made a 100 copies or so and sold them on a sliding scale along with D's handmade soaps. Amazing.

Last Day On The Force- Demo (2002?)
I ripped this from the original cassette tape, so the quality is probably fair at best, which is actually pretty fitting. These are songs about veganism, bicycling, political correctness, and becoming so punk you actually end up like your parents. It was a fun band to be in, and it probably couldn't have happened in any other town than Pittsburgh.