Monday, January 25, 2010

Black Widow

I first heard Black Widow while on tour with CU back in 2002. I managed to score this album in a used records bin for $5. This is for all lovers of satanic folk. Doesn't all music sound more evil and KVLT when played with a flute? This band- while sounding high and pagan-like- used to be called Pesky Gee!. Seriously. Black Widow was so KVLT and evil, that they even consulted with a High Priest of Wicca aka "The King of Witches" Alex Sanders. Seriously.

Sacrifice (1970)
This was their first release after renaming the band. The occult themes brought along underground success, however when the band tried dropping the dark overtones to achieve more mainstream success, they were a flop. These songs are often hilarious- what I expect would happen when a D&D nerd got high and decided the game was real life. COME TO THE SABBAT!!!!


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As a D&D nerd I thank you for ripping gem.