Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Speaking Canaries

I've already posted on The(e) Speaking Canaries before. I just found this LP at a local record shop ($4!) and have been listening to it fairly non stop. You can find another of their albums here.

Get Out Alive: The Last Type Story (2003)

Van Halen meets Sonic Youth! This album features Damon Che playing guitar, percussion, vocals, and more. I kinda hate this guy. Sure he has a reputation for being arrogant, but I hate the fact that he can play guitar as well as he plays drums. Disgusting. Some tracks do feature Noah Leger, the original drummer from the early days of the band (he also has played in Hurl, Milemarker, Taking Pictures, etc). This version is the LONG VERSION which contains longer tracks than originally released on the CD/LP. Of note- Last side of town part 1&2 is great (the LP has only part 2).

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